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Evolutionary Algorithms (EAs) and Metaheuristics are general-purpose tools to deal with optimization problems, mostly having a black-box objective function. These algorithms are considered as a subfield of Computational Intelligence (CI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), and they have enormous applications in many fields of science and engineering. Evolutionary algorithms are nature-inspired and they are mostly simulating what happens in natural evolution to come up with approximate solutions for optimization problems, just like the way nature has represented us and other living organisms as solutions for the problem of living on Earth.

In nature, the main objective is to survive, and this…

ypstruct: MATLAB-like Structure Data Type for Python
ypstruct: MATLAB-like Structure Data Type for Python
Structures in MATLAB/Octave and Python

Structures are available in various languages, like C, C++, C# and MATLAB, and they are mainly used to organize data as composite types, containing a determined set of fields. In C, C++ and C#, structure are defined as new data types and then new variables of that type are declared. In C++ and C#, structures are classes and they can include methods and private members, too. In contrast, MATLAB structure is a general data type to organize and group several fields of various types, even of structure type.

In Python, there are several ways to have functionality like structure:

  1. using…

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Educator, Programmer, AI Enthusiast, and Systems and Control Engineering PhD.

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